Does this happen to you as a drummer?

  • You get nervous in front of crowds
  • You recycle the same famous Youtube drum fills over and over
  • Your bandmates tell you to stop rushing or to play more simple
  • You spend money on expensive equipment that your favorite drummer uses, but it doesn't sound as good when you play
  • You feel unmotivated to practice

The drummer is the most powerful person in the band. Period. More and more, music fans like you are wanting to get into the world of rhythm and percussion, but the problems listed above turn them away. Vital Music provides quality, affordable online training for drummers to become highly-skilled, confident musicians for themselves and their bands!

Meet your instructor: Zach Mullings

As a musician for over 20 years, Zach Mullings is finding that the best way to share the joy and power of music is through the drumset!

Notable performances have included the “MTV VMAs” (AJ Mitchell), “The Today Show” (AJ Mitchell) “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” (Kevin Garrett), and “Saturday Night Live” (Chance The Rapper). Other prominent artists include ARIZONA, Ms Lauryn Hill, and Thirdstory. Mullings will continue his work with the aforementioned artists through 2021, and can be found regularly performing NYC theater productions like “Dear Evan Hansen". He is currently playing for Hillsong East Coast's online church services during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Zach Mullings uses Paiste Cymbals.

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Kevin Garrett- singer/songwriter

“Zach Mullings is a powerful talent. His work ethic is unparalleled. I’ve not met someone else who takes on every role asked of him as effortlessly as Zach. I’m very lucky to call him my music director, amongst many other job titles, but even luckier to call him my friend. He does need more sleep though.”

Elliott Skinner- singer/songwriter

“Zach Mullings is master of rhythm and texture. I think he has an unmatched understanding of time and how to use his instrument to support the surrounding atmosphere of a song, while having a distinct voice. He is humble, hard working, a great friend, and is going to be significant force in how music is heard in our culture.”


"Mullings is the silent killer! Like the bat signal over Gotham, when we need Mullings to step up to bat he answers the call...The first time Mullings played with us he had zero rehearsal but locked in with the band like it was his 1000th playing these songs⁣...also he's got MAD CHOPS"

Aberdeen- "Where Y'at"

Zach on drums with Aberdeen at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC.